Where does the time go?

lucasYesterday, this little guy turned 4.  Where does the time go?  Somewhere between work, school, and all the other demands on my time and energy this little dude has really grown up.  Since he and his sister came to stay with us at the beginning of this year our life has been pretty hectic.  Adding these two to our family, already full with 4 boys, (the uncles), still at home has been a pretty good test of parenting skills and patience.  I know that Lucas sometimes gets the bottom of the bucket after everything else.

But normally he is just a joyous little boy who loves his Matchbox cars and toy trucks.  I know that after a long day at work I get untold joy when he and his sister come running out to the car to greet me!  And Lucas always asks me if he can “pretend drive” my Honda car.  And when I have the patience, he gets such a big smile and has so much fun with such a simple thing.

The smiles of a child, is there anything more joyful in this world?  Happy Birthday Lucas, your Papaw loves you very much!


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