365 Photo Challenge


My “Twitter friend” Tasra Dawson has started blogging her journey to improve her photography 300% by doing three things daily for a one year period.  They are (1) take at least one photograph, (2) read one page of her camera manual, and (3) view other photographer’s work.  If I know the story correctly this was a challenge from Scott Bourne.  I am accepting the challenge, beginning on my birthday, Sunday September 6th.  I hope to learn a few things, improve my photography and see/meet other photographic artists.

I’ve tried similar thing before, using my galleries at PBase, and I will most likely double post.  Because of my work schedule I might not be able to post daily, but I will take a deliberate photograph, read a page of my D300 manual, and view (and discuss here when I can) other photographer’s work.  Looking forward to it.

So yesterday and today I went out and did some practice shooting, and I downloaded an electronic copy of my manual.  I enjoy the “romance” of traveling on the old U.S. Routes, and still want to spend some time traveling them, meeting people and photographing some authentic Americana.  Here is an example of the Americana I’m talking about.  Junk stores used to be really popular, now we have the  ‘Marts (Wal and K) and rarely to people even look for things second hand.  I’ve never seen this shop open, but there are newer cars in the lot.  I would really like to get inside and explore…


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