365 Challenge Day 1

Chicken Coop Window

Chicken Coop Window

1966 Mustang Rear Quarter Detail

1966 Mustang Rear Quarter Detail

As well as my 48th birthday, today was my day one for the Tasra365 Challenge, where for the period of one year, I will take at least one deliberate photo per day, I will read one page in my camera manual, and I will view the work of at least one other photographer.

Today I decided to try the Lens Baby, selective focus lens, my wife bought me, (at my request), last Christmas.  Until today I hadn’t had a specific reason to try this lens out.  But as of late I have been in a bit of a creative slump, and thought this might be a way for me to try something new for the challenge.  I have the Composer model, and found it pretty easy to use.  I used the f4 aperture disk, and as it was nearly dusk had exposure times of 1-3 seconds.  I am posting 2 pictures from my session tonight, the first is of a window in my chicken coop, and the second is some details on my 1966 Mustang.     Raw conversion, image resizing, minor color correction and sharpening were the only photoshop actions I did on these images.

I found out that I downloaded a Ken Rockwell manual for my D300 vice the Nikon edition.  I will download the Nikon manual tomorrow.  But tonight I read the first 2 pages of the manual that covered basic camera controls.  Good refresher.

The other photographer’s images I viewed were Ansel Adams.  I know there are literally millions of great photographers out there, and with the web I could view work by 100 photographers each night and never come close to seeing them all.  Ansel Adams’ work is one of 2 reasons I began “serious” photography.  It is visually stunning, and never fails to stimulate my creativity.   For me it was/is “Moonrise Over Hernandez, NM”.  I am a member of PBase and Photo.net and there are more than enough great photographer’s work to view.  And I know I’ll be checking out other 365 Challenge shooters as well.

This is going to be a fun, educational, year long experience.

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