365 Challenge Day 5


Went to dinner with a group of friends tonight, and sitting on the patio I noticed how clear the city was.  So after dinner I dropped off my lovely wife and grabbed my camera bag and tripod and headed out to Rockaway Beach to capture a few images.  I only had my 70-200, (maybe should’ve brought my 50-500 for shooting from this distance.  But I like the image above cropped into a 10×5 panoramic.  Thoughts, and/or comments?


I really enjoy night shooting.  On a tripod, slowed down, deliberate.  When I arrived to Rockaway Beach I was fortunate to see the moon rising over North Seattle, so I quickly set-up the tripod, mounted my camera and began shooting.  About 5 minutes into the shoot the Seattle ferry came chugging into Winslow.  I like the motion from the moving boat juxtaposed with the still tree branches.

I continued reading about off camera flash in my SB300 manual, as well as looking at some more online tutorials on studio lighting, in preparation for my senior shoot this weekend..

My viewed photographer today was Christy Penn (#123 on Tasra’s join me list).  I like her senior and wedding shots.  It’s good to see other’s work and be inspired.


2 Responses to “365 Challenge Day 5”

  1. The lights almost suggest logs piles high on the beach!

  2. I wonder if you can increase the contrast and darken the sky above the city in the first shot. It almost seems like light pollution, but it takes away from the clarity of the skyline, I think (IMHO).

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