365 Challenge Day 6


Seattle Space Needle

Pike Place Market a few minutes before midnight.

Pike Place Market a few minutes before midnight.

Went to see the band “Govt Mule” tonight at the Showbox SoDo.  Great show.  DIdn’t apply for the camera pass in time so I was only allowed to bring my pocket camera.  But since I was already going to Seattle I brought the gear bag and a sturdy tripod so I could grab some more night shots after the show.

The show ended about 11 so I went first to the Seattle Center to capture the Space Needle, and then with about five minutes left in Day 6, I photographed the Pike Place Market.  These 2 Seattle landmarks look very different at night.  It was also nice to see the giant U.S. A. flag waving from the Needle.  Nice memorial for the day.

For inspiration today I looked at Douglas Kirkland, first an article in the current edition of  Digital Photo Pro, and then his online galleries. Amazing body of very diverse work.  The article talks about his love for both digital and large format (8×10) film.

In the manual I reviewed image sensor cleaning procedures.  Short post I know but it’s late and tomorrow is already here…


2 Responses to “365 Challenge Day 6”

  1. nice framing and base on the needle!

  2. So crisp. I like it.

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