365 Challenge Day 7


Table Top Still Life 09-12-2009

What a busy day.  Lot of time on the road taking my granddaughter to her aunts (hour and a half each way), but she has a good time, and this is my grandson’s weekend at his dad’s, so its a good break for her, and for us as well.

My wife and I were talking tonight as we took the ferry to Seattle, and I admitted that for a long time my life has seemed out of balance, and I didn’t always know how to get the balance back.  Between family responsibilities, work, school, there rarely seems to be any time for my wife and I to nurture our relationship, or time for myself to get out and do the things I need to do.

Tasra’s post tonight was very timely for me.  I too have to remind myself to make the quiet time for prayer and for reading my Bible.  I need to find that balance again so things aren’t always swinging from one side of the pendulum to the other.

In my Ken Rockwell manual I read about the Exposure Compensation button, what Ken calls “the most important control on the D300 or any camera”.

For photographic inspiration I went to Rhonda Holcomb’s Happenings Photography site.  Nice work, especially liked the SnapSports galleries.


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