365 Challenge Day 8


"DREAM" Water tower at Battle Point Park


My grandson, Lucas

Dreams – When I was my grandson’s age it seems I was always dreaming about what I would be when I grew up, race car driver, big league baseball player, Doc Severensen’s replacement on the tonight show…  But as we grow older, or at least as I grew older I got lost in some of life’s distractions.  I surprised everyone and joined the Navy, ended up doing over 22 years and discovered “serious”  photography when I took a “photo-intel” course so I could document other ships we encountered at sea. I also got married and had kids and had to support my family.  Distractions, yes, but all part of real-life.  Not like the world’s we see displayed on some popular TV channels…

So as I was walking around the park today with my grandkids I saw the old water tower with the word “DREAM” painted by some daring high-schooler, it made me think, “How have my dreams changed in the last 30 years?”  “What am I dreaming of accomplishing in the next five years?”  “How can I begin to make these new dreams come true?”  I am starting with this challenge, working to improve my photography, my people skills, and my blogging.

One area I really want to improve is my portrait photography, especially kids.  I’m lucky I have my grandkids living with us, and they are not camera shy.  The portrait of my grandson was taken using just a hint of fill at about 1.5 stops under the ambient.

In my manual today I read about Active D-Lighting, or as KEn calls it, Active Dynamic Range.  Looks pretty interesting.  I had no idea about it.  I’m going to give it a shot tomorrow and see what the results are.

For inspriation I looked a couple of books of fine-art portraiture by Nick Del Calzo, the first is “The Triumphant Spirit, and the second is “Medal of Honor”.  I met Nick in August of 2001 at a workshop in Coupeville, WA, and over the past 8 years he has become a friend and mentor.  His work is excellent.


2 Responses to “365 Challenge Day 8”

  1. Love the dream theme.

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