365 Challenge Day 9

W/O Active D Lighting

W/O Active D Lighting

W/Active D Lighting

W/Active D Lighting

Part way into week two of the challenge and today I decided to check out the Active D Lighting (ADL) feature I read about in Ken Rockwell’s D300 manual last night.  For tonight’s entry I decided to read what Nikon had to say about the feature in their D300 manual.  It can be set to low, normal or high and is used to adjust the camera for high contrast scenes.  The top image here was taken w/o ADL and the second, bottom picture was taken with the ADL set at normal.  All other camera settings remained the same.  I used Adobe LightRoom to convert RAW files to JPEG and resize.  No other alterations were made post-capture.  I think I’ll be using this feature more often, now that I know it exists.

For visual stimulation I looked at several galleries from the PPA members website.  And I made the decision to join PPA as well as PPW, and begin working some of their educational opportunities.  There are a lot of amazing photographers out there!

One Response to “365 Challenge Day 9”

  1. hoping to get a D300 myself one of these days.

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