365 Challenge Days 13/14/15

The 365 Challenge has been very challenging so far.  Between work, (silly day-job), family commitments, and life it is very difficult to maintain this effort.  I’m thankful for all my friends’ encouragement.

Friday – September 18, 2009

I did not get a shot on Friday.  I got off work, did a couple of errands for my lovely wife, then raced home, hooked up our trailer and headed for the mountains.  It was a three hour drive to Sol Duc and by the time we had set-up camp, it was time to sit by the fire.  I did read page 26 in my Nikon camera manual, covering Menu Control and Menu Navigation.

Friday night I began reading a book that Zack Arias mentioned a week or so ago.  It is entitled: “Within the Frame” by David duChemin.  I have dozens of photography books, and this is one that I’m really enjoying.  Both Mr. duChemin’s photos and his words.

Saturday – September 19, 2009


Beginning of Fall

Woke up Saturday morning and realized that it had rained hard all night long.  Although the rain had stopped the trees were still dripping onto my trailer roof.  It was strangely peaceful.  Enjoyed the natural hot springs at Sol Duc and got in a few shots of the trees just beginning to redden for the fall.

In my camera manual for Saturday I read pages 64 and 65 on Focus Areas and their settings/uses.  Anyone out there ever use the “Auto-area AF” settings on their D300.  I normally shoot in “Dynamic-area AF”

For inspiration (and without the web for gallery browsing), I continued reading David duChemin’s excellent book.

Sunday – September 20, 2009

Woke up early and headed out to catch some “magic light” before the family woke up.  Took a few shots along the Sol Duc river and headed back to camp.  Had a wonderful breakfast and then we took a family hike up to Sol Duc Falls.  If you’ve never been, it’s a must see.  It’s a short .8 mile hike each way, a pretty mild hike that my 4 and 5 year old grandkids made with a minimum of complaining.  I took my TrekPod, combination tripod/monopod to test it’s capabilities out.  It was a great hiking stick, and worked well as a monopod, but for the longer exposures I found myself wishing I had lugged my sturdy Manfrotto sticks up the trail.  Took some 1-2 second exposures of the falls, and then a few snaps of my grandkids crawling through the exposed root system of a large pine tree.  The hike was a great way to finish up a nice family weekend.

Sol Duc Falls

Sol Duc Falls

Crawling Through a Tree

Crawling Through a Tree

Continued reading in the David duChemin book.  I’m really enjoying this book, and highly recommend it.  It reminds me a lot of advice my friend Nick Del Calzo has shared over the years I’ve known him.  Simplify, narrow the focus, tell the story from your point of view.  Capture the emotional impact the scene had on your vision.  Something to definitely remind myself of daily.


One Response to “365 Challenge Days 13/14/15”

  1. Everyone needs a break. Im loving your resolve to kep on track. Also loving your work.

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