September 22nd, 2009

Another hectic day in the life.  Up at 4:30, gym at 5:15, at my desk at 6:30.  Many days are a hectic jumble, a mix of lots of different things.  While reading David du Chemin’s book, “Within the Frame” I took special note of his describing taking away everything in the frame until what you want to express is gone.  Then by simply , putting that last item back you can regain your desired impact.  I don’t say it as eloquently as he did.  But to me it means to simplify, to be direct.

Today I was in a little general store in Lemolo, WA.  You won’t find it on a map, but if you know the area, it’s worth a stop.  But when I went in I was overwhelmed but the diverse array of products and displays.  It really took me off-guard.  And I thought about how photos of lots of different things can really say nothing, but if you simplify and pick just one item, it can say so much more.  That’s what today’s images are about.

Lemolo General Store

Lemolo General Store

Antique Toy Car

Antique Toy Car

Today I read pages 34/35 in Ken Rockwell’s D300 guide covering info on the NEF RAW format and his recommendations for settings.  I now have a better understanding of the different quality and compression settings.  Might have to do some testing to see for myself.

As far as viewing other photographer’s work, I am still reading “Within the Frame” but I also took half an hour to visit Steve McCurry‘s online galleries.  His Afghan Girl portrait still rocks.  Those eyes are amazing.


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