September 26, 2009

The lovely bridge and her parents.

The lovely bride and her parents.

What a day the 26th was.  My lovely wife, Sandy, and I photographed the wedding of Amber and Jared Bernard.  Amber is the daughter of some friends.  We started at noon with the before ceremony shots, and went until 9 when the reception ended.  I know that this photo is from my iPhone, but I like it, and I’m still downloading the cards from the wedding.  I dod take photos on the 26th, several hundred to be exact.

For inspiration, and preparation, yesterday morning I went to the PPA site and viewed several galleries wedding photogs.

In my Nikon D300 manual I read page 74 describing the various release modes.

The parent of the bride, Wendy and Louis Bond are amazing people.  Amber is the 2nd of 14 kids.  Their family’s love for each other, their faith in God’s provenance, and their joy for life is readily apparent in all they do.  It was an amazing day.


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