September 27, 2009

My step-son, Zac's senior portrait

My step-son, Zac's senior portrait

Another busy, productive day.  Downloaded over 30 gigs of wedding photos.  My assistant, (and lovely wife), Sandy is from the shoot a LOT and edit them down later.  She captures some wonderful images!  And then we began the sort and sifting process.  I also bought a new monitor calibration system, and will install that tomorrow before we continue with the wedding edit.  This afternoon I made a quick trip into the city to return the D3X, and lenses to Glazer’s.  The best camera, photo supply and rental store in Seattle.

I also took 45 minutes or so and grabbed a few quick shots of my stepson, Zac for his senior photo in the annual.  And one of those is posted here.  He wants to wait until the braces come off next spring before doing the “memory” shots for his mom.  All-in-all a very good day.

Manual: Read pages 10 and 11 covering the information in the viewfinder display.  Good review on the info that comes up in the various shooting modes.

Inspiration:  Went and spent half an hour in James Nachteway‘s Online Galleries.  Amazing work, James has captured many important moments in the world’s sometimes brutal and ugly turmoil.  Moving images.  I love the quote on his front page, check it out!

And tonight I’ll read another chapter in David du Chemin’s book: “Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision”

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