September 30, 2009

Small steps to accomplish big goals

Small steps to accomplish big goals

Tonight my step-son, Jared (near row, 2nd from right), advanced from gold belt to blue belt in his mixed martial arts dojo.  At the beginning of the ceremony the instructor had one of the young athletes try and jump from from one side of the map to the other, where he had placed his black belt.  The young man tried three times and never got more than 4-5 feet.  The instructor then explained that many new students came in asking “how long will it take to become a black belt?”  The instructor used the students attempts at jumping across to illustrate that to achieve long term goals most people normally have to work at them for a long period of time, often achieving incremental successes.  That’s how I am seeing this 365 day Challenge, as an avenue for me to small small jumps to acheive big improvements in my photography.  So I’ll contimue to tke the small jumps and soon enough I’ll reach the other side of the gym.

Manual:  In my Nikon manual I read pages 30-33 covering the battery, charger and proper insertion and removal as well as storage.  Good revue.

Inspiration:  I was watching the PBS documentary on our National Parks and they were discussing a photographer named Quang-Tuan Luong.  So a quick google search and I found his online galleries.  Amazing nature and scenic landscapes of our national parks, and other sites too.


One Response to “September 30, 2009”

  1. raennshadow Says:

    I almost called you while I was watching, but didn’t want to distract from my enjoyment of the program. I wonder how long before the DVD will be on Ebay? [just kidding!]

    Amazing photography, and stories.

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