October 1, 2009

Book Learnin'

Book Learnin'

Another day done and I just remembered that I hadn’t made an entry and it’s best I do it in the evening before I go to bed.  Tasra said today that one key part of the Challenge is that the photos should be taken with your professional camera.  If that’s the case I’ll surely fail!  There are just some days where between work, kids, and grandkids it’s hard enough to get just a snapshot.  So to stay in the spirit of the challenge, if not the letter, I will state that I will always attempt to take the daily shot with my professional camera gear.  But on days like today, it may just be a shot from my iPhone, or a camera in between.  Today’s shot is of one of my book shelfs.  Some of the photo books I have collected over nearly 30 years involvement with this hobby.  Today I browsed through the National Geo book “Through the Lens”, and took this shot as I found the book.  National geographic has always had wonderful images of far off and exotic places.

Manual: Read pages 66 & 67 on focus points and focus point selection.


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