October 2, 2009

Gas Works Park Under Moonlight

Gas Works Park Under Moonlight

Went to the “mixer” social event tonight at Chase Jarvis’ Seattle Studio.  Beautiful set-up and great location a block or 2 away from Gas Works Park.  I received an invite to the social as there were no more seats available for Zack AriasOneLight Workshop being held tomorrow, October 3rd.  Nice evening with about 30 other photographers and their guests.  Got a chance to meet Zack and Chase, both seemed very generous with their time and experience.

As I was heading back to the Bainbridge Ferry I stopped by the park to check it out.  It is one of the few parks still open after  dusk.  The moon was out providing some decent light for 1015 second exposures.  So I ent back to the car and grabbed my tripod and shot about 16 or so shots.  I like this one best.  What do you think?

Manual: read pages 275-278 covering metereing and exposure compensation.

Photographer: while at Chase Jarvis’ Studio I found myself browsing a book with photographs by Jeff Bridges.  Nice work, some lovely shots of Michelle Pfeiffer during the filming of “The Fabulous Baker Boys”.

While I was talking with Zack he mentioned a trip he took in a VW van about 14 years ago.  Got me thinking about my goals of exploring my country.  Then he told me what he did with his van after he took his trip…  Check it out.


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