October 4, 2009

Rockin' It!!

Rockin' It!!

Today I thought I would try something I haven’t used/done in a while.  While my lovely was shopping at Costco I took the scrubs, (my nickname for my grandchildren) to the waterfront park in Silverdale, (WA) this afternoon.  It was a beautful, sunny day, temps in the mid-60’s.  I decided to bring just my 50mm f/1.4 and see what kind of shots I could get with it.  The first shot, (above), is my grandson, Lucas.  He was “goofin”‘ for the camera.  The next shot, (below), is of my granddaughter, Alexia.  She was swinging on the swing and showing me how she can jump off the swing now.

Ready to Jump..."Watch Me Papaw"

Ready to Jump..."Watch Me Papaw"

I was shooting at ISO 100 and opened up to f/1.4 I had to shoot at 1/8000 of a second to get a good exposure.  And I kept trying to zoom the lens to crop, but then remembered that I had to step in or back to “zoom”.  I really like the shallow depth of field in the shot of Lexi.  Is anyone out there using just “prime” lenses?  For my Nikon I only have the 50/1.4 and a 105 f/2.8 in prime.  I used an 85 f/1.4 for a wedding last weekend and when the dollar fairly come to town I will obtain one of those.  It was tack-sharp on the D3X I had also rented.

Manual:  Read page 323 and learned about the option of “Image Authentication”  Didn’t know it existed.  Is anybody out there using it?

Inspiration:  The first online photo organization I joined was photo.net, a worldwide photo hosting site started by Phillip Greenspun.  I think it was around 1998 when I discovered Photo.net when I was googling photographers and I discovered Phillip’s online book: “Travels With Samantha“.  I was fairly new to the web, having just returned stateside from a 3 and a half year tour in Sigonella, Sicily, Italy.  Along with discovering his wonderful journal, I also found an amazing world of photographers sharing not only their work, but also how-to and encouragement.  I still visit several times a week.  Many times just browsing the popular galleries.  (Many areas contain nudity, so caution is advised)  Do any of you have any favorite sites?


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