October 5, 2009

Little Gardener

Little Gardener

I was running short on time this evening with family responsibilities and all.  We had a new concrete apron and sidewalk poured today.  I was walking around the yard looking for something to shoot when I noticed some lovely Dahlia blossoms.  As I was shooting my granddaughter came along and wanted to be in the picture.  I was experimenting with the depth of filed on y 70-200 f/2.8, and for some reason liked this shot.  Anyone out there have and comments and/or criticism?

Manual: Pages 21-26 in the Ken Rockwell D300 Guide covering the rear controls.  I have been reading the Nikon manual and then reading corresponding pages in the Rockwell manual. Rockwell brings it down to a general populous level.  I like that.

Inspiration:  Went and viewed some of the pop culture and style images of the late, Herb Ritts.  His images can push a few buttons.  After nearly 23 years in the Navy I think I can say I’m not a prude, but some of his images can be a little much.  On the other, hand most of his work is beautiful.

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