October 6, 2009

White Phosphorus Lighting

White Phosphorus Lighting

I’ve been reading a lot lately about lighting and all the different variations.  I know a bit, and I have a set of Alien Bees that I’ve used for portraits, etc.  But I would like to learn and experiment more so that it is second nature in situations that call for studio or strobe lighting.  I remember reading about the “old days” with flash pot and white phosphorus lighting.  So tonight I found some large sparklers and thought I would give it a try.  I had taken some shots this summer of the scrubs and sparklers with my iPhone, so I wondered what it’s look like with a “real (no offense Chase…) camera.

Manual: Read pages 344 & 345 about creating a custom menu.  Don’t know that I will ever try it but maybe?  Does anyone out there have ideas for custom menus?  Is there a reason the regular menus don’t satisfy?

Inspiration:  Viewed the online galleries of Richard Avedon.  Amazing portrait and fashion work.


One Response to “October 6, 2009”

  1. raennshadow Says:

    I remeber a portrait session with my father…I was about three….and he had me sit by a window where the sunlight was poring in over my back…and he took a sheet and hung it so it would reflect back on my face…but not show in the picture…..I loved being his subject…for pictures and I would sit very still while he took time exposures….this was probably around 1939 with his Kodak…and no flash.

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