October 10, 2009

Grandma's Hands

Grandma's Hands

Bill Withers sang:

“Grandma’s hands
Used to hand me piece of candy
Grandma’s hands
Picked me up each time I fell
Grandma’s hands
Boy, they really came in handy …
If I get to Heaven I’ll look for
Grandma’s hands”

I am frequently inspired by songs and lyrics in my photography.  This shot reminds me of the Bill Withers song “Grandma’s Hands.  My wife and I are raising our two grandkids, at least for the near future, so to watch her with these little ones is amazing and inspiring.  How she loves, and disciplines, and teaches and cares is nothing short of amazing.  Here she is just fixing a dress-up dress.  But, like in photography, the little things can mean so much.  Anyone else out there think about music when they’re shooting?

Manual: Read pages 79-86 in the Nikon D300 manual covering “LiveView” mode.  Another option that I haven’t used, but may try.  Actually it’s two modes, Handheld and Tripod mount.  Mabe while I’m in SC next week?  ANyone have any opinion on live view? Is anyone still out there?  Bueller…, Bueller…?

Inspiration:  Viewed online galleries of Vincent Versace.  I know, I’ve mentioned him before, but he has some knew instructional DVD’s coming out, and after I received his e-mail advert., I went to his site.  Still a favorite among modern photographers.  Check him out.


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