October 12, 2009

Like Sands Through an Hourglass...

"Like Sands Through an Hourglass..."

So today I was moving by 8:00, taking our old walkway to a concrete recycling place.  Turns out it was 4,890 lbs work of chunk concrete!  On my way home, my lovely called and mentioned she’d like to have some gravel for around our NEW walkway and garage apron.  So I brought in a little over 6,000 lbs of crushed driveway rock, too.  Then I helped her a bit with the garden fence, did her “kid-running” for the evening, and then I packed for my trip to South Carolina!  About the only shot I took today was of the loader dropping the second cubic yard of gravel in my little trailer.  I kept thinking today how fast the day was going, like sands…

Manual: Pages 321-322 n Battery and Battery Pack indicators.

Inspiration:  Looked at a book of photographs published by Rolling Stone magazine.  “Images of Rock and Roll”  quite a collection by many different shooters.  Fun book.

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