October 13, 2009

"Spill the wine..."

"Spill the wine..."

Okay so it’s not wine, but crayons.  I went to dinner tonight at Southend Brewery and Smokehouse in Charleston, SC.  They had butcher paper on the table and a cup of crayons so you could doodle while you talked and/or waited for your food.  I knocked over the cup and noticed that there were several duplicates of each color of crayon.  Many of the same color, not many choices to try new and different colors.   One of my goals in accepting the 365 Challenge was to find and try new colors, new ways of seeing and capturing images, new photographers to look at and look to for inspiration.  After a bit more than a monthI think it’s working.  So thanks Scott Bourne and Tasra Dawson for the inspiration.

Manual:  Read the information on Exposure Compensation on pages 114 and 115.

Inspiration:  Went to the online archives of Brett Weston.  Seven decades of pretty amazing work.  When I view the classic photographers, the ones that lugged 8×10 view cameras into the field and captured iconic images.  I wonder what they’d think of this modern, digital world.  After all, they all said the camera was just a tool.


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