October 14, 2009

Magnolia Cemetery

Magnolia Cemetery

I’m here in South Carolina, and it was a very rainy, wet day.  While sitting in my room after work I saw a brief article on the hotel’s info channel on the historic Magnolia Cemetery.   I headed out to take a walk around the cemetery, but it was closed when I got there, (missed it by that much…).  But I did capture this image through the fence.  I know cemeteries may seem a little creepy, but the old, historic ones have some beautiful sculpture and artwork, hundreds of years old.  Tomorrow if I finish early enough, I’ll head back and try and capture a few more images.

Manual: Pages 21-22, The “Quick-Start” section, nothing new or earth shattering.

Inspiration:  A few years ago my lovely and I enjoyed a nice overnight stay at the Hotel Lucia in Portland.  One of the draws was the display of a large collection of prints by David Hume Kennerly.  Walking the halls of Hotel Lucia is like walking around a photo gallery.  So tonight I went to David’s online galleries.  So much history, he photographed many presidents and other celebrities.  Inspirational work.  Check it out.


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