October 17, 2009

Digital Clutter

Digital Clutter

Today I was reading through Ken Rockwell’s site and found his info on workshops.  I initially thought it would be about workshops that Ken leads or instructs.  While there was some of that info there, he also mentioned Jay Maisel‘s workshop.  5 days of hands-on, intensive instruction from a true master photographer.  I had heard of Mr. Maisel before, and seen his work in various photo magazines, but his workshop sounded interesting.  Ken said he learned more in one day with Jay than in years of reading and study.  So I went to the link and discovered that at $5,000 for the week, the workshop is a few years away for me.  But I liked the fact that he clearly indicated that although the workshop is conducted with participants using digital cameras, it is about photography, not Photoshop.  Something new to add to my wish-list.  His PDF for his workshop also got me thinking about all the stuff I’ve bought in the years since I converted to (mostly) digital photography.  Much of it now seen in boxes similar to the one shown here.  How much really was to improve my photography, and how much of it was gimmicks?  Could have easily paid for the workshop if I hadn’t bought all this stuff.  Since accepting Tasra’s challenge to join her I’ve given a lot of thought to how and where I can streamline, cut out the clutter if you will, so I can really concentrate on improving my photography skills.

Manual: Pages 339-341 on Image Overlay.  Looks like a unique way to sandwich images in camera and make a completely new image.  WIll have to try it out.

Inspiration:  You guessed it, Jay Maisel.  No galleries at his site, only application and info for his workshops.  But a google search yields thousands of image results.  In the field since the 50’s.  I’ll be doing some more reading on him.


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