October 18, 2009

Lexi Playing Dress-Up

Lexi Playing Dress-Up

Today I was a bit more recovered from my trip so I decided to set-up my D300 and SB900 for remote operations.  I had read about it a few weeks ago, but had not tried it out.  About the time I got through setting the camera’s pop-up flash to Commander Mode my granddaughter came by with her dress-up dress, asking for my help putting it on.  Fortuitous?  Yes I think so.   It is often hard to get Lexi to pose for pictures sometimes but in her pretty dress she was fairly willing. I will use this feature often. I can see great advantages with tripod light-stand shots as well.  This shot was hand held with the flash in my right hand about 30 degrees off-center.  Simple shot to try the capability.  Does anyone else out there ever use this feature?

Manual:  Read/reviewed page 58 of the Ken Rockwell D300 guide, for a refresher on remote flash set-up.

Inspiration: I received my Nov/Dec issue of American Photo today, (yesterday’s mail…).  Interesting article on Markus Klinko and Indriani, their cover shoot for the magazine, their TV reality show and $$$ problems.  Also there was a feature of historic and modern Rock and Roll Photography, which I always enjoy.

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