365 Challenge October 23, 2009

Tune-Up Time

Tune-Up Time

Did you ever notice that when you don’t use something it nearly almost always needs some kind of maintenance?  I did a complete tune-up  on my 1966 Mustang at the beginning of the summer, but since I didn’t drive it that much this year I had to take it back to the shop for another tune-up.  Sitting isn’t good for somethings.  I think photography can be like that.  I know if I don’t shoot for a while it takes me a bit to get back into the rhythm, to remember exactly how the machine works.  The 365 challenge has been good to keep things running smoothly.

Manual:  Read pages 116 on Bracketing and Auto-Bracketing.  Good info may use the flash mode for SB900 output

Inspiration:  Viewed Scott Bourne’s online galleries.


One Response to “365 Challenge October 23, 2009”

  1. Nancy Cross Says:

    I drove my 68 falcon once this year because my son Corey is still working on the engine. Its running get now but its winter again so it is back in the garage. Maybe next summer you can take some pictures of it an put them on Facebook for me. I am having to sell Bryan’s 66 Chevy truck hate to do it but its just going to waste just sitting.

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