365 Challenge – October 28, 2009


Lucas' "Hippie Bus"

Recognizing that Tasra did a similar shot earlier this week featuring a VW Bus, I shot this one anyway tonight.  I am a big fan of the VW Camper Van.  For my last several years of active duty Navy I dreamed of spending some time, maybe as much as a year, seeing the country I had served for over 20 years.  I wanted to travel the backroads, avoiding the interstates.  Too see the country and meet the people.  But as is the case with most of us, I have responsibilities and so I haven’t gotten a chance to travel, yet.  I did enjoy Tasra’s post regarding bringing people along for the ride, as she is doing with this challenge. I know I’ve missed a few days, and can’t guarantee I won’t miss more.  But I will get them as often as I can and will do my best to minimize the vacant days.  I have found that photography, unlike many other hobbies, most enthusiasts willingly share their “secrets”.  Many of my closest friends I met through photography.  So it’s good to have some company along the journey.  So here is my “homage” to sharing the journey.  Look forward to meeting more of you all.

Manual: Pages 226-228 on connecting the camera via USB port.  I normally use a card reader as they are faster.  But if you’re on the road and didn’t bring your reader…

Inspiration:  Diane Arbus.  After putting the scrubs down to sleep I turned on the TV and came across the movie “Fur” staring Nicole Kidman.  The movie is a so-so fictional drama of Diane’s life.  But after it was over I went and surfed her galleries.  Interesting work, sad ending.


2 Responses to “365 Challenge – October 28, 2009”

  1. Keep up the good work. Glad to see fellow 365ers that keep going, despite set backs. Nice photo.

  2. raennshadow Says:

    I like it! It keeps that dream alive, too. Maybe you could pick up a VW bus and start outfitting it …get a good sTout engine in it so you can pull your Mustang as your dingy. Take it over from St. Elmo to Cottonwood Pass! LOL!

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