365 Challenge – November 5, 2009



"Red, Right, Returning..."

Navigating through life can be difficult.  So many things can trip you up.  As I was leaving Newport yesterday, (I’m writing this on the 6th as I was traveling most of the day on the 5th), I noticed a navigation buoy maintenance and storage facility.  Initially I thought “buoy hard aground” and then as I was at the airport in DC waiting for my connecting flight to Seattle, watching the news out of Fort Hood, I thought about all the different things in our life that can either keep you on-course or lead to dangerous “shoal waters”.  “Red, Right, Returning”is the nemonic some use to remember to keep the red buoys to starboard when returning to port.  This morning we learn a little more about the shooter, he was a doctor, and a licensed Psychiatrist.  A mental health professional.  And the question I ask is “what navigation aid did he miss, or miss-read that lead him to yesterday’s tragedy?  And it makes me a little more conscience of my journey, my chart, and my navigation aids.  Where do I want to go, what is the best course, is this the course that is truly mine?  Am I paying attention to the things that really matter?

Manual: Read pages 184-188 covering the use of “Multiple Exposures”  Might be fun to try, maybe today.

Inspiration:  Read more in David DuChemin‘s excellent book; “Within the Frame” during the flight from DC to Seattle.  Still really enjoying it.  I like books that make you think and work and this one has many of those challenges.



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