365 Challenge – November 15, 2009


091115_365 Challenge_001

Candle Light

Candles symbolize many different things in many cultures.  Tonight we had several good friends over to celebrate a birthday.  No candles on the cake, but many around the house for mood lighting.  It got me thinking about all the different things and emotions that candles can represent.  We light candle for birthdays, in church, at memorials and for emergency lighting.  I always find the flame of a candle to be very relaxing, therapeutic, even.  Photographing the candle flame is always interesting as it’s never the same twice.  Kind of like our visions as photographers, some very similar, but there is no two exactly alike.

Manual:  Read pages 95-100 in Ken Rockwell’s Nikon D300 manual.  Ken’s recommendations on shooting digital cameras in various conditions for exceptional color.  Nice sidebar from the Nikon manual.

Inspiration:  Spent an hour surfing the galleries at www.photo.net.  Also enjoyed my step-son, Will’s slide shows from Africa and his summer hike on part of the PCT.



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