365 Challenge – November 18, 2009


Fungi and Flora

Simple image trying to show the juxtaposition of the mushrooms and clover, or Fungi and Flora.  One of the recommended exercises from David DuChemin in showing contrast.  Not just the difference between light and dark but subjects that contrast.  Not as easy as I thought it might be.

Manual:  Pages 7-9 in Ken Rockwell D300 Manual covering front camera controls.

Inspiration: Got the November issue of Rangefinder in the mail today.  Good article on 5 up and coming photographers, and many other interesting images.  Subscriptions are free to qualifying professional photographers and students.



2 Responses to “365 Challenge – November 18, 2009”

  1. raennshadow Says:

    I did not remember his name…but I think that is a book I read when I was trying to eget pictures of toadstools and flowers at Sol Duc one year when we stopped to see the salmon….and I believe we both got photos of the salmon at the apogee of their jump up the falls.

  2. raennshadow Says:

    Oh! I meant to say good job!

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