365 Challenge – November 19, 2009

Mother Hubbard's Cupboard...

Often when I try and force creativity I come up empty, just like my garage refrigerator was this afternoon.  Sometimes I really struggle to come up with ideas that have meaning, then I find myself going down the failure road, negative thoughts.  I think that is one of the reasons I’m really working hard at understanding what David DuChemin is teaching in “Within the Frame…”. Often I just snap away with my digital camera, thinking that the more I shoot the better chance I’ll have at getting lucky.  I want to really concentrate on quality image making.  I know all the technical stuff, the f-stops and shutter speeds, but now I want to concentrate on the aesthetics, on capturing, no, creating images that speak to the viewer, that mean something, that matter.  I want to quit going to the refrigerator and finding it empty.

Manual:  Pages 302-305 in the Nikon manual covering the Assign FUNC button.  Allows you to set the FUNC button, like a shortcut or speed key.  Might find it useful, good to know about it just in case.

Inspiration:  Saw Chase Jarvis‘ recent blog post with his Shorts video on his ground control device and then spend about an hour looking at his online galleries a little closer, trying to see or estimate what lens he was using, and working on noticing how the selection of f-stop effects the image.  And as I continue on this journey I’ll be working on noticing these things regularly, and then working to incorporate that knowledge into my photography.


2 Responses to “365 Challenge – November 19, 2009”

  1. I know that empty feeling all too well. I can tell I’m experiencing it when I wander around trying to find something to photograph and everything feels forced. I love the moments when it just flows!

  2. Thanks Tasra, I enjoying this Challenge, and the inspiration I find in it.

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