365 Challenge – November 20, 2009

Farm Worker's Cabin

I grew up here on Bainbridge Island, across the Puget Sound from Seattle.  For several years the island has had a reputation of being for the wealthy.  Perhaps it’s the million dollar properties that have sprung up all over what was once a majority agricultural community.  After the loggers cleared the island Japanese and Filipino settlers coexisted with the Europeans that also had their farms here.  I’m told the remnants of the “Picker’s Cabin” above was part of a Filipino farm.  Hidden most of the year, it comes into view in the fall.  Each year it is a little closer to collapse.  I drive by it several times a week, and try to photograph it at least once a year.  It’s a bit of island history that won’t be around for too many more years.  When I’m just living here I don’t always notice or take the time to appreciate the significance of the changes to this place since I first moved here in 1972.  It’s a lot like photography; the 1980’s saw significant improvements in film, high speed, low grain and auto focus.  20 some years later Kodak stops making Kodachrome.  The industry standard is no more, replaced by software and some presets and actions.  And the changes keep coming.  Where will be 10 or 20 years from now?

Manual:  Page 252 of the Nikon Manual covering set-up and use of the slideshow feature in the playback menu.  Don’t see myself ever using but at least I have a basic familiarity.

Inspiration:  Looked at several images from other 365ers on Flickr, and took a look at Chris Orwig’s book: Visual Poetry…

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  1. Nice composition.

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