365 Challenge – December 2, 2009

Christmas Village through LensBaby Composer

Yeah, I know I said last night I’d do the LensBaby, but I was feeling sick and didn’t get to it.  Sometimes it happens I guess.  I give props to Tasra for keeping going while she was sick, I guess I’m a wimp.

I got my Composer last year for Christmas and haven’t made very many opportunities to use it.  Need to start getting it out more.  I think Scott Bourne may be right when he says it can get you out of a creative rut.  I enjoyed grabbing a few shots, and this weekend, (when I might get some time in actual daylight), I might go around to some of the older houses and outbuildings here on the island and shoot some urban-scapes.

Manual: Re-read page 116 on auto bracketing.  I normally bracket manually, but may give the automated bracketing a try sometime.  Feel like I may be repeating some of the pages in the manual, but I pick a page that looks interesting in the index and ahve at it.  Using the electronic, (PDF), version so I can’t mark it up.  (But I do have it on my iPhone so I can read it when I need it!)

Inspiration: Spent 30 minutes surfing the Photo.Net “Top-Rated” galleries (NSFW).  Amazing work from photographers around the world.


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