365 Challenge – December 7,8,9, 2009

Christmas Lights on Our Fence


Foggy Morning at Keyport

It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to post, Monday I picked up my daughter, Meagan from the airport and got back too late to get a post in, and yesterday I had a meeting with my Pastor which ran a bit late and when I got home I needed to spend some time with the scrubs before they went to bed.  And that leaves us with today.  I have been getting my daily shots, reading the manual, and looking at other photographer’s work.  So here we go…

Manual: Pages 3-9 in the Nikon D300 manual, detailed study of the camera body and controls and the viewfinder display.

Inspiration:  On Monday I continued reading “Within the Frame” by David DuChemin, Tuesday I browsed David’s new book, I’ve read excerpts and from those encounters I think Zack Arias may be right, it may be the best book ever on being a photographer.  Can’t wait to finish “Within the Frame”.  Tonight I looked at the January 2010 Shutterbug that came in the mail yesterday.

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