365 Challenge – December 14, 2009

Old Port Blakely Mill

Took a mid-afternoon drive down to the old Port Blakely Mill site, (now a park) to see what I could see and shoot.  When I left my house it was overcast and the light rain we’d had all day had stopped. Got the the mill site and pulled out my D300 and it still had the LensBaby Composer mounted.  Took a few shots and then the rain came back, so I packed up and came on home.  But I did capture the 2 images here that I liked.  The top image for today is out of the camera with Lightroom presets for sharpness only.  The second image, at the end of this post uses the LR Sepia Preset and LR sharpening.  I’ve known of this place most of my life and it still amazes me to think that a little more than 100 years ago this was the largest sawmill in the world.

Manual: Pages 21-22 Quick Start Guide

Inspiration:  Read the January issue of Rangefinder magazine.  Good summaries of 2009 photographic subjects.

Pilings at Port Blakely Mill


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