365 Challenge – December 18, 2009

Finder the Center, Knowing What Matters Most

It’s been a hard, but fruitful year.  My lovely and I have taken in the scrubs full time.  Lots of joy, and lots of work.  My #2 daughter is moving along the right track now and making wonderful progress.  Truly her progress is an answer to many a midnight prayer.  I still struggle daily with finding my center, a balance if you will.  Still need to get myself back on a healthier course, working out, losing weight, and Im moving in that direction.  But today, #2 came down to watch Lucas’ pre-school Christmas pageant and it was a nice afternoon.  Scrubs didn’t even fuss too much when she had to catch her boat back home.  I was able to grab this shot before she left.

Manual: Page 30 Charging the Battery

Inspiration:  Read the first chapter of VisionMongers.  It’s gonna be good!

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