365 Challenge – December 23-25, 2009

Seattle Waterfront

The image above and the one below were captured while I was spending the day with my grandchildren, affectionately known as “the scrubs”.  We took the ferry from the Island and walked around the waterfront, rode the carousel, had a nice lunch at Red Robin, rode the carousel a couple of more times, and then went to the Seattle Aquarium.  Very nice day.  The image above is one of the many waterfront establishments catering to the mostly toursit crowd.  In the background is the famous Alaska Way Viaduct that will not be around for too much longer.  It is scheduled to be repalced with an underground tunnel in the next few years.  I’ll miss it.  The image below is a sunset captured as we left the Aquarium headed for the ferry.

Seattle Sunset

On Christmas Eve my daughters, Meagan and Sara, along with Meagan’s husband Josh came by to exchange gifts and share a nice dinner.  My lovely made lasagna, and a fantastic sweet and spicy mac -n- cheese that my stepson, Tal, had requested.  It was a nice evening topped of by a high-energy Christmas Eve service at NewLife, Bainbridge (“No Sleep ‘Til Christmas).  Beloe is a photo of Lucas opening one of his gifts from his mother.

Lucas opening his gifts...

On Christmas morning we all woke up around 7:45 and the scrubs were ready to go!  Lexi was very patient and even handed out the gifts for a bit at first, before being overwhelmed by the excitement of it all.  It was a very nice Christmas morning. In the photo below she is trying on my lovely’s new backpack.

Lexi with her Grandma Sandy's New Backpack

Manual:  Read pages 39-43, Inserting and memory card, Formatting a memory card and Adjusting the viewfinder focus.

Inspiration:  Online galleries of Asahel Curtis (23rd), my new book (thanks Meagan and Josh) Ansel Adams and the Photographers of the West (24th) and the 365 Flickr group’s gallery(25th).

Now I’m caught up from the days around Christmas.

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