365 Challenge – January 5, 2010

Abandoned School Bus

Grabbed this shot during my walk yesterday.  I don’t know the deal with this old bus.  It’s been sitting in the same place since before I started working at Keyport.  It has “civilian” vice government plates that were last registered in 2003.  It always seems just a bit out of place, slowly rotting away on a military installation.  I drive past it daily, and often wonder what is the story behind it.  Was someone going to convert it?  Was it used for recreation programs?  Did it run when parked?  What roads has it traveled? Are there more roads it is supposed to see?  I guess we all have our own stories, our own roads travelled and not.

Manual: Nikon D300 page 50, Readying the camera.

Inspiration:  Read through the January 2010 issue of PPA’s Professional Photographer.


2 Responses to “365 Challenge – January 5, 2010”

  1. Hello, I see you live in Seattle. I was there last fall and was amazed to say the least. About the bus, my son finished a fire academy last June and I took pictures every weekend. There were several old fire trucks on site and I always wondered about the stores those old trucks could tell.

    Also, liked the car wash photo and caption. You would enjoy Chris Orwig’s book Visual Poetry.

    Take Care – Joe

  2. Joe, I have been alternating between David DuChemin and Chirs Orwig’s books. Excellent stuff.

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