365 Challenge – January 6, 2010

Agate Pass Sunset

Sometimes the world just speaks to you.  I was driving home tonight, and as I crossed the Agate Pass bridge I was rewarded with this view.  I took a quick left hand turn and a short drive to the public beach access under the bridge and spent a few glorious moments admiring the slender God creates for us.  I find myself looking more, and consequently seeing more since I started the challenge.  I am also gratified to have been introduced, (online at least), to so many other artists, especially photographers that are fellow believers.  I’ve met a few in person, and I hope to meet more of you in the coming months and years.  This journey has really been a blessing with everything else going on in my world.

Manual: Page 51-52 Focus and Shoot.

Inspiration: Viewed several of the images and galleries of fellow 365ers as listed on Tasra’s Tuesday post.  So many different points of view out there.  So much great work.  Also spent some time at the 365 Flickr site.


One Response to “365 Challenge – January 6, 2010”


    WOW! Scott…certainly one for Kitsap Fair, huh? I did not have my cameras with me on the way to doctors this morning but the sunrise over the Olympia Capital building would have vied for competition.

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