365 Challenge – Februrary 1, 2010

Hydrangea, Revisited

In her post yesterday Tasra Dawson mentioned looking back over the past month and reviewing our images and commenting on the good the bad and what we’ve learned. I believe I have captured several great images. My favorite from last month is the evening/night shot of the Point White Dock, Others I tried just didn’t have the visual impact I’d hoped. I’ve learned a lot, and am trying to get myself to a place in my work and personal life where I can work on my portrait lighting, posing and post processing. I also know too well the winter doldrums Zack Arias talked about in his guest blog post for Scott Kelby – “Transform”.

Today’s image struck me as I walked into the house upon returning from work. The Hydrangea plant outside our door has been featured here before, in September when it’ blooms were in beautiful display. But in the winter the blooms are dry and brown, but still interesting in their own way. So that is today’s image.

Manual: Nikon D300 Pages 79-88 – Framing Pictures in the Monitor (Live View)

Inspiration: Watched Zack Arias‘ “Transform” video. He also had a great post on using large silk diffuser panels with flash.


One Response to “365 Challenge – Februrary 1, 2010”

  1. Great reflection on the past month of work! On to the next!

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