365 Challenge – 10 February 2010

Long Walk... Short Pier...

Could I really have let 5 days slip b y since my last post?  In the past I would have stressed and obsessed about it, worrying that I was failing.  But a couple of weeks ago my lovely commented to me that I stressed to much about it and that it was probably adversely affecting my creative process.  I mean its hard, working a full time job, part time photographer, and father-grandfather sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to finish everything I want to.  What’s important and what can I let slide?  In the end family responsibilities always need to win out.  I don’t expect every other 365er to understand, but those who know me and our family situation will…  And so I will continue on.

Manual: Pages 100-101  Metering

Inspiration:  February 2010 Issue of Professional Photographer (PPA)


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