365 Challenge – February 17, 2010

Hot Wheels

Went to WalMart tonight after work to get the oil changed in my lovely’s car as she is going on a short road trip this weekend.  To give her a break I decided to take the scrubs with me.  Ever notice that the marketing wiz’s at Wally World put the toy section just outside of the bathroom?  Just try and get outta the store after taking a 4 and a 5 year old past the toys…  So at least I limited it to a small treat, (i.e. less than $5).  They both did pretty well.  While they were looking I took a few snaps of the HotWheel rack.  When I was a kid I loved HotWheels.  They are still an expensive, cool little toy.  Lucas picked out a “Monster Jam” edition “GraveDigger” HotWheel truck.  Lexi opted for some Dora goodies…

Manual:  Pages 109-111 Manual Exposure

Inspiration: Watched Zack Arias‘ videocast of his PhotoMechanic>LightRoom>PhotoShop workflow.  Good stuff.  So much to learn.

One Response to “365 Challenge – February 17, 2010”


    When I got Lukie the small cars colection for Christmas, I was remembering the miles and miles of Hot Wheel tracks and loops etc you and Eric had passed down to Kelly….and wistfully wishing they were still around to turn over to Lucas. Sigh Funny the things I remember from the fire.

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