365 Challenge – February 26, 2010

Bud's Special Day

Here in Kitsap County there is an old Orange Chevy pickup running around with this license plate.  The driver is a pretty special man.  He is one of the 91 surviving Medal of Honor Recipients.  His name is John D. Bud Hawk.  Although he was in the Army for only 2 years, he served with distinction and honor.  He served during WWII in the European theater, and earned several awards, including 4 Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star and our nation’s highest award for heroism in battle, the Medal of Honor. Since the MoH was signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln it has been awarded to 3446 times.   Through my association with photographer and creative guru, Nick Del Calzo, I have had the privilege of meeting over 80 MoH recipient.  I’ve written of this before, but it important history.  History that our children and grandchildren must be taught.  For as Lincoln said: “Any nation that does not honor it’s heros will not long endure”.  Or if you are a Democrat President Kennedy said: “”A Nation reveals itself not only by the the men it produces, but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers…”   I’ve known Bud for 6 years, having met him on Veteran’s Day in 2004.  I was asked by Mr. Del Calzo to drive Bud to a book signing at the Seattle Museum of Flight.  During the ride I found out the Mr. Hawk was from my hometown of Bainbridge Island, and that we had gone to the same high school.  I was shocked because there was no mention of Bud when I was in school.  But I digress.  Today Bud was honored by the U.S. Congress (thank you Congressman Enslee, and the other reps and senators), with the naming of the Rolling Bay, Washington Post Office Building in his honor.  As well as his heroics in battle, he was honored for over 30 years as an educator, a teacher and a principle/teacher here in Kitsap County.  Below are a few photos of Bud.  I could tell he was very appreciative.

Bud surrounded by friends and family

Bud with the Post Office in the background

Bud with plaque and Rolling Bay Post Master

One Response to “365 Challenge – February 26, 2010”


    I hope by now Bainbridge High School has found a place to put up some sort of notice about such an honorable man!

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