365 Challenge – March 16, 2010

How much do you know, and not know about your hometown?  I grew up here on Bainbridge Island, and have been told I know a lot about the places and history of my island home.  But a couple of weeks ago a friend gave me an article about a building that was scheduled for demolition.  The building is the 4 story former home of The Moran School and The Puget Sound Naval Academy.  Several articles relating the history of the building have appeared in local papers recently, including this one.  How did I miss a 4 story building?  How could a retired Naval Officer not know of a former Puget Sound Naval Academy?  Anyway, it just goes to show there is always something to learn, even in a subject you have some level of expertise at.


4 Responses to “365 Challenge – March 16, 2010”


    Scott where is this? In upper Battle Point?


    Never mind; got the answer….

  3. I need to know where this is!!! LOL

  4. Mom was right. It is actually on the Messenger House property. At one point you can stand between MH and this building and almost touch the two of them.

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