365 Challenge Weekender– 18-21 March 2010

Fun With Sidewalk Chalk

If it Quacks LIke Duck...

Lazy Sunday Evening

Some Boys Can Fly

Not much to write about tonight.  Feeling tired after a pretty busy weekend.  It was wonderful to spend some time with some dear friends we don’t get to see nearly enough since they moved.  Z-man’s 19th birthday and the accompanying hoopla today.  I’m beat.

Manual: 174-180,  finished the Flash chapter…

Inspiration:  Caught up with Professional Photographer, American Photo, and PDN issues.


3 Responses to “365 Challenge Weekender– 18-21 March 2010”


    What no pix of Z-man for his B-D?

  2. I LIKE HOW Lucas spent his day… Sometimes I like to lie on the floor with my dawg and play with my stuffed toy. This was my fav, Scott!

  3. Pic’s of the Z-man’s birthday are coming, i’ll post them on FB tonight. Sandy took most of them, and as the 365 challenge is for my photogrpahs, well you know…

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