365 Challenge – March 24, 2010

My Back Yard

Today’s Thursday Twitter Theme in “Home”.  Like Tasra, I have lived in many homes.  Before I graduated High School I had lived in 9 different homes in 3 different cities.  I was fortunate that from 6th – 12th grade my family settled here on Bainbridge Island.  Long way from the Kentucky/Ohio roots of my parents.  After graduation I guess I adopted some of my parent’s gypsy spirit and joined the Navy.  Because of my service I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to see the world.  And live in several wonderful places, Virginia Beach, Puerto Rico, San Diego, Staten Island (New York), Columbus (OH), Catania (Sicily, IT), and finally back here in the Pacific Northwest.  It is all the travel, (which I still love), that made me realize how much I missed ny island home in the Puget Sound.  “Dorothy was right…”  SO now after work or a business trip, one of my favorite views is this one of my back yard.  The place where my kids and grandkids can run and play. The place where we’ve had some wonderful barbecues with friends and family. It’s a wonderful place to  come home too.  And of course made all the better because most of the people that mean the most to me are all right here.  And those that aren’t here are very close to here!

One thing all my homes did for me was instill a love of photography.  I’ve been blessed to live in some beautiful places.  And I count Bainbridge among them.  Every time I go out I discover new things to see and images to capture.

Manual: 189 Interval Timer Photography

Inspiration: Images by Paul Strand in a book I received from Aperture.


2 Responses to “365 Challenge – March 24, 2010”


    …actually four cities…Rosemount was it’s own town…separate from Portsmouth. By the time you came along…we had already had 21 addresses. People always assumed that we were in the miliatary.

  2. don’t regret a one of them! It’s all a part of who I am. Love you mom!!

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