365 Challenge (Weekend Edition) March 26-29, 2010

Hidden Treasures

Wide Open Spaces (Gazzam Lake, Bainbridge Island)

Lexi at Cannery Cove

After the Storm

What a long weekend.  Took Thursday and Friday off for a long weekend and ended up not going in today as I wasn’t feeling well.  My lovely traveled with one of her boys to check out universities so he can finish up his BS in Civil Engineering.  So I had kid duty Thursday and Friday, (not really a day off!!)  I have the greatest respect for all she does for all of us.  I am truly blessed. Sunday was our 7th anniversary and we took the clan, minus one that was skiing, to a nice lunch.  We were able to leave some of the stress and turmoil behind, if only for a couple of hours.

Photographically, I captured these shots this weekend.  Starting Friday with the “Hidden Treasures” images.  I worked at this garage for a couple of years while still in high school.  Still there, same owner, no gas pumps anymore.  Saw this car sticking out of the open door, and had to grab the shot.  I’m normally a Ford guy, but ever since I saw Harrison Ford driving that Black (Beauty) 1955 Chevrolet in American Graffiti I’ve been a sucker for the 55 Bel Air.

After Lucas departed fr a weekend at his Dad’s, Lexi and I hiked to Gazzam Lake.  Nice to be able to take a 5 year old to enjoy a nice walk in the woods.  She had a nice time.

Saturday we went to the site of an old Strawberry Cannery in Winslow and I got this shot of Lexi.  I need to get out and shoot and explore more as this is another site I had no recognition of.  So much history here on this tiny island in the sound.

Today’s (Monday) shot is a simple shot of new blossoms on a tree in my front yard during a lull in the storms we have been experiencing all day.  Wonderful sign of God’s plan of grace and renewal.

Inspiration:  Been looking at a few photo.net galleries as well as my PDN that came in today.


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