This Old Truck

Old Farm Truck, Bainbridge Island.

A few day’s ago, Tasra had a guest blogger that posted of her enjoyment of capturing images of old, abandoned cars and trucks. I too find myself passionate about old, abandoned  things, especially motor vehicles.  I’ve spent hours walking around old junk-yards shooting everything from whole cars, to the smallest dashboard details.  I find most of the older cars and trucks much more aesthetically pleasing that the econo-boxes clogging our roads today.

I also find myself wondering why a vehicle has been left to be slowly reclaimed by the earth.  What is the story behind this truck.  It obvious it’s been here a while.  And other, more modern things have been thrown on top of it.  From this vantage point, it looks as though it is a fairly solid truck. What would it take to get it back on the road?  A lot of work obviously, but wouldn’t it be worth it?

And then I begin to see these old vehicles as a sort of metaphor for me and my photographic life, dreams and ambitions. I’ve had to set them aside because of other responsibilities.  Responsibilities I’ve willingly, gladly, even aggressively taken.  But inside somewhere there is an artist waiting to be restored, to be cleaned and polished up and then shown to the world.  Anyone else ever feel that way?


3 Responses to “This Old Truck”

  1. Wow, reading your post and analogy gave me chills… I love the metaphor and relate to it. I imagine many others are the same way. Great photo and insight… thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, yes, I can relate and have felt that way many times. Lovely post, Scott, especially the old car as a metaphor for the old artist within.

  3. I can definitely relate to what you’re saying. I too chose the safe path in life only to now find myself reviving the creative artist in me that’s been dormant for too long.

    I also love old cars and forgotten structures.

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