365 Challenge April 19, 2010

The Boy Scrub in the Garden

Little boys and dirt.  What a combination. He’s only 4, but I can already catch a glimpse of the man I hope he’ll become.  He loves machines, trucks, tractors, anything mechanical fascinates him.  Maybe he’ll become an engineer, or maybe a fork lift operator.  Either is alright with me as long as he stays true to the path He puts before him.  Love this shot of him playing in the garden while my lovely was planting some seeds.  Looks pretty carefree to me.


I found this arrangement of flowering weeds in our pasture this afternoon.  I know they’re just weeds, but all’s it take to make them the most wonderful bouquet is my granddaughter picking them and bringing me my present.  The flowers never last long, but I’ll carry the memory of her gifts forever.

Manual: NIkon D300 Manual, Pages 184-188 – Multiple Exposures

Inspiration:  April issue of Rangefinder magazine.  I enjoyed reading about and viewing images by Michael Grecco and Zack Arias among many others.  I subscribe to many a photographic publication.  Rangefinder is one of the best, and it’s a free subscription.


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