365 Challenge – April 23, 2010 (UPDATED)

Volvo German (?) Staff Car


Here’s another example of “rust” from yesterday’s theme.  I was driving on an island back-road a couple of months ago and I saw what appeared to be several old vehicles.   I stored the location into memory for a visit another time.  Yesterday, April 23rd was that time.  I found a driveway that looked as though it might provide access to the area in question and took my camera for a walk.  I should mention that I did not see any “keep out” or “private property” signs, and if I had I would have heeded their warning.  The sight is a veritable treasure trove of old abandoned vehicles.  I didn’t count but there were probably 20-25 vehicles, primarily military vehicles, and old trucks.  There was also a late 40’s Packard, an old tow-truck, and LOTS of parts, wheel and tires.  As I have mentioned before, I love old cars and truck, especially old abandoned ones, slowly disappearing back into the earth and there were plenty.  The one pictured above was quite interesting as I have not seen anything like it before.  I was able to look inside and noticed that all of the writing and military style ID plates were all in German.  I could not find any markings to determine the make, but it was pretty cook looking.  I’ll be doing some research to see if I can figure out what it is.

Manual:  Pages 199-202 Using a GPS unit with the D300

Inspiration:  Looked through “Rolling Stone Images of Rock and Roll” before heading out to see Jonny Lang at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma.  (Ecellent show!!)

Front Seat Area of "Volvo German (?) Staff Vehicle"

Rear Seating of Volvo "German" Vehicle

Dash Detail From Volvo "German" Vehicle


Three in a Row

It's Nothing a Little Elbow-Grease Can't Fix...

Piggy Back

Two of a Kind

Dodge WWII Era Combat Ambulance


3 Responses to “365 Challenge – April 23, 2010 (UPDATED)”

  1. raennshadow Says:

    ..or you might say “Don’t laugh; it’s paid for!”

  2. Hello Scott,
    This yard has been a local secret for decades. The owner is very reclusive and trusts that his “collection” will not be disturbed.

    Even tho vandals have broken into his old trailer and stolen certain things from another storage shed there, the area remains fairly un disturbed.

    I trust you will maintain this locations secret. It would be a shame if the “collection” should disappear.

    • I don’t reveal locations unless authorized to do so. I try my best to obseve posted signage and not disturb locations. I also offer free prints to the owners if interested. DB, if you knwo the owner you can pass my contact info. Thanks for your input.

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