365 Challenge – April 27, 2010

Olympic Mountains from Keyport

What a day, lots going on on my day-job.  Good things, but very busy.  Beginning to look forward and focus on next week.  I have a quick trip to San Diego for work, back in the office on Wednesday, and then on Thursday I fly to Ohio and Kentucky for some quality time with my father.   I asked him several months ago if he would make the trip with me so I can record a bit of his, and therefore, my family history.  I’ve made the trip with him twice before, once, in 1973, when I was 12 for my grandfather’s funeral, and then again, in 2005, when my grandmother passed.  In those brief visits I was exposed to a side of my father I had not seen before.  So I wanted to make this trip, while the opportunity still exists, to visit his childhood homes and record that part of the family story.  My uncles are also going to participate, at least on some of the story telling.  My goal is to record, images, video, and audio and then put together some sort of multi-media presentation that I can distribute to other family members that might be interested.

Inspiration: Looked at the May edition of Digital Photo Pro

Here are some other images from today:

Happy Girl

Every Kid Enjoys This...

Crab Apple Blossoms


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